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David Rohl – best-selling author and historian – is recognized as one of Egyptology’s most powerful communicators. Rohl has produced a new book and video lecture series to accompany the Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus documentary movie which are being published by Thinking Man Media.

The 416-page book Exodus – Myth or History? takes the reader on an absorbing journey as Rohl lays out the archaeological and historical evidence for the Middle Bronze Age Exodus Theory that is featured so strongly in Timothy Mahoney’s film.

The David Rohl Lectures feature nearly 5 hours of content while extending the exposition of evidence to the time of Israel’s kings Saul, David and Solomon.

Rohl’s previous best-selling books have been published throughout the world (translated into 12 languages) … but his work is not as well known in the United States. Now, with these new releases from Thinking Man Media, all that is about to change.